Bake for Life

Food has always been a big part of my life. There was always way too much food for every occasion. I love the eating, but most of my favorite memories are about the process.┬áMaking pasta sauce with gramma, helping my mom in the kitchen, the day my brother was babysitting me and decided that for lunch we were going to make and eat raw cookie dough. He’s fabulous.

In middle school there was the Girl Scout baking contest. I made a checkerboard cake all by myself and I won. The next year I needed to up my game, so I made an Italian Cream Cake – carefully separating all the eggs by myself – and I won again. I like to cook, but baking is at my core.

Then there was the hideous wedding cake. My hideous and crooked wedding cake. And my mom interrupting my wedding meal to tell me we HAD to cut the cake NOW, this moment, and in a “before it slides apart and ends up on the floor” kind of urgency.

It is with the joy of Italian Cream Cake and the pain of my hideous wedding cake that I am motivated to bring delicious and beautiful treats to others. I plan to use this site to share pics and secrets, and maybe answer the occasional questions of “how much would you charge for…?” and “would you do the desserts for my…?” So let’s celebrate a new era – will you join me for a piece of cheesecake?

On a side note, my blog will continue on Cathyology for sharing about ministry at Urban Connections, kids, justice, my neighborhood, and so on. So go there and visit me too!


a city girl, and a home baker